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Doula Royah

overcoming working vs stay at home parent judgment

Overcoming Working Vs. Stay-At-Home Parent Judgement

Have you ever felt judged for your lifestyle choices as a parent? If you’re like many others, you probably have been. Whether you stay at home, work at home or work at an office, chances are you’ve had discussions about your choices with others who’ve had different views. Family, members, parents, in-laws, friends and acquaintances …

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Virtual Reality for Pain Reduction in Childbirth

If you’re expecting, you’ve probably looked into various non-invasive ways to reduce pain in labour. Before exploring other options, chances are you probably want to try non-pharmacological methods first. However, even if you plan on having an epidural ahead of time, there is a period of time you will most likely go through the contractions …

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How To Thrive During The Postpartum Period

Many first time moms and families plan and prepare for childbirth and their baby’s arrival once they find out they’re expecting. So if you’ve started signing up for childbirth classes and purchasing nursery items, your’e not alone. However, while the baby and nursery items you purchase might seem necessary, the most crucial thing you’re going …

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